Wnn Keyboard Lab Q&A

After updating Wnn Keyboard Lab, additional dictionaries are no longer available. What should I do?
Since there are restrictions depending on the OS version, the storage location of the dictionary file has been changed from Lab-256 released in September 2020.
  To use the additional dictionary:
    1. Create a new "wnnlab" folder under Internalstorage/android/data/jp.co.omronsoft.wnnlab/files/
    2. Move all existing dictionary files under /sdcard/wnnlab/ to the new "wnnlab" folder
If you uninstall Wnn Keyboard Lab, the dictionary file will also be deleted. Please keep the copy of the dictionary file separately beforehand.
What version of Android™ can be used?
Wnn Keyboard Lab may be used with Android™ version 5.0 or later.
Can Wnn Keyboard Lab be used with smartphones/tablets purchased outside of Japan?
Yes. It can be downloaded from Google Play.
Can Wnn Keyboard Lab used with platforms other than Android™?
Unfortunately, no. Wnn Keyboard Lab may be used only on an Android™ platform.
I have downloaded Wnn Keyboard Lab, but the keyboard image will not change.
Please read the section on “Changing the Wnn Keyboard Lab keyboard image.
I purchased a smartphone/tablet that comes with iWnn IME. Does this mean I can use this to change keyboard image?
Unfortunately, no. Keyboard image can be changed only for Wnn Keyboard Lab at the moment.