Wnn Keyboard Lab Q&A

What version of Android™ can be used?
Wnn Keyboard Lab may be used with Android™ version 4.0 or later.
Can Wnn Keyboard Lab be used with smartphones/tablets purchased outside of Japan?
Yes. It can be downloaded from Google Play.
Can Wnn Keyboard Lab used with platforms other than Android™?
Unfortunately, no. Wnn Keyboard Lab may be used only on an Android™ platform.
I have downloaded Wnn Keyboard Lab, but the keyboard image will not change.
Please read the section on “Changing the Wnn Keyboard Lab keyboard image.
I purchased a smartphone/tablet that comes with iWnn IME. Does this mean I can use this to change keyboard image?
Unfortunately, no. Keyboard image can be changed only for Wnn Keyboard Lab at the moment.